In harmony with nature

Active protection of the environment is embedded in our company principles. Conserving resources in the development, manufacture and use of our products is important to us.

Responsibility for the place where we live obliges us to ensure that we protect the environment, over and above the legal requirements. Through this, we are helping to reduce CO2 emissions significantly. With our own environmental declaration and the establishment of an environmental management system in compliance with EMAS (ECO-Management and Audit Scheme), we are committing ourselves to continuously improving what we do for the environment.

  • Our product concepts are designed to protect the environment from damage by using non-polluting materials, which are generally special plastics. Using carefully selected materials and employing system technology ensures the durability of our product ranges. They have proven their worth over decades of use.

  • With innovative product solutions, we create manufacturing processes that require less energy but are just as efficient, or even more so. By substituting traditional materials with plastic as a base material for our product systems, we are making a significant contribution towards improving the ecological balance sheet.

  • Using recyclable materials in the manufacture of our product systems is compulsory for our development. Our commitment to the protection of our resources is proven by awards.

  • The innovative product concepts from building and industrial technology contribute daily towards saving energy and protecting the environment. For example, we save a significant amount of energy with our accumulator systems for investment goods, but also with our ecological energy generation with heat pumps and solar systems and with our efficient radiant heating and cooling systems for energy use. In addition, we have invented Roth energy logic as a control system for building technology, which also saves considerable amounts of energy by linking our energy generation to energy storage and energy application. With our unique "Roth Eco-Energy Circle", we are making a commitment to actively protecting the environment.