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1947 to this day

Tradition and progress in the modern medium-sized businesses

Roth Industries GmbH & Co. KG developed from a small crafts business to an internationally operating group of companies. Product and program diversification as well as increasing internationalisation of the business activities are the key for the sound growth of the group.

1947 Foundation of the company Bögel & Roth by Heinrich Roth, Andreas and Christian Bögel. Production of wash stoves and bed stones

1961 Beginning of Manfred Roth's activity

1963 Family Roth takes over all business shares. Continuation of the company as Metallwerk Roth KG. Production of steel heating oil tanks

1974 Foundation of the company Werkzeugbau Wolfgruben - today Roth Plastic Technology

1976 Takeover of Schlesinger Maschinenbau GmbH - today Roth Composite Technology

1978 Metallwerk Roth KG becomes the holding Roth Industries GmbH & Co. KG. Foundation of Roth Werke GmbH

1989 Takeover of Bolenz & Schäfer GmbH - today Roth Hydraulics

1992 Foundation of the factory in Bischofswerda - today Roth Umwelttechnik

1995 Takeover of the company Hanßmann and continuation as EHA Spezialmaschinenbau GmbH

1996 Foundation of Roth Industries North America Inc., USA 

1997 Acquisition of the company Becker Plastics GmbH.
Acquisition of the Plastic Pipesystem Distributor Lintech in Denmark
with it's subsidiaries in Sweden and Norway
Foundation Roth Polska, Poland

2001 Commencement of the activity of Christin Roth-Jäger and Claus-Hinrich Roth

2007 Takeover of the factory Fralo Plastech LLC., USA

2010 Commencement of the activitiy of Dr. Anne-Kathrin Roth 

2016 Takeover of Roltechnik, Czech Republic
A brand with many strengths - Roth is undergoing a make over
Fusion of EHA Composites Machinery and Schlesinger Maschinenbau under Roth Composite Machinery
2017 Assignment of Claus-Hinrich Roth, Christin Roth-Jäger and Anne-Kathrin Roth into the Management of Roth Industries

2018 Foundation of Roth Benelux, Belgium