EHA Composite Machinery delivers a plant for the civil aerospace industry


The manufacturer of special machinery located in Steffenberg, EHA Composite Machinery, will deliver a composite plant for the production of components for the civil aerospace industry to a customer in Russia this summer. It is one of the largest machines that has ever been designed, manufactured and put into operation by the subsidiary company of Roth Industries.

The machine manufactures light construction components for manned and unmanned spacecrafts – such as the outer shell made of carbon fibre composite material. Klaus Ritter, Sales Director at EHA Composite Machinery, explains the challenge regarding this plant: “The special feature was the size of the components to be manufactured with exceptional dimensions of a diameter of two and a half meters and a length of ten meters. These components are to be manufactured as complete structure made of carbon fibres in one working operation.” At a heating capacity of 200 kW, the material of carbon fibre fabrics impregnated by synthetic resin (so-called Prepreg) to be processed is heated by means of a heating roller having a length of twelve meters. Such carbon fibre composite materials are counted among the strongest and lightest materials that exist. Thus, they are particularly used in connection with supporting structure components for mobile applications. The completed machine ensures a load capacity of up to 30 tons for tool and product.

The plant designed by EHA Composite Machinery is integrated in the EU-funded research project “Polarbear“, coordinated by the German aerospace centre “Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt“ in Cologne. Within the scope of “Polarbear“ (production and analysis evolution for lattice related barrel elements under operations with advanced robustness), the production procedures for the manufacture of fibre composite structures for the civil aerospace industry are researched. Recipient of the machine is CRISM (Central Research Institute for Special Machine Building) in Khotkovo, Russia.

The European companies and institutions involved benefit from the participation not least because of the development of their own know-how and advance their innovative capacity. So EHA Composite Machinery in Steffenberg, too.