Roth Industries pays tribute to long-standing staff members – 1,095 years of continuous service


This year, staff at Roth Industries celebrated 25, 40 and 50 years of employment with the company. Between them, 41 staff members from companies across the Group have clocked up 1,095 years of service. The Executive Board invited the local employees reaching milestones to celebrate at the company's head office in Buchenau. A further three members of staff celebrated at Becker Plastics in Datteln.

The event was attended by employees from Bolenz & Schäfer in Biedenkopf, EHA Composite Machinery in Steffenberg, Roth Plastics Technology in Wolfgruben, Roth Werke in Dautphetal and Schlesinger in Burgwald.
Managing Partner Manfred Roth was on hand to congratulate the staff and pay tribute to their achievements. Directors, HR managers, supervisors and the workers' council all added their congratulations. Head of HR Michael Donges thanked all those who had reached milestones for their many years of loyalty and spoke about their careers with the Roth Group. “In their many different roles, the employees who we are honouring have shown outstanding commitment and play a key part in the company's success,” he said. He presented them with loyalty bonuses and gifts. The official ceremony was followed by a shared dinner, with plenty of time to chat about the past, present and future.

Honours at Becker Plastics:
25 years: Frank Baginski, Frank Schellhase, Michael Matzek.

Honours at Bolenz & Schäfer:
40 years: Rainer Stickl.
25 years: Oliver Bernhardt, Thorsten Dersch, Richard Knoll, Michael Löber, Peter Reichel, Anneliese Scheld, Frank Scholz.

Honours at Roth Plastics Technology:
25 years: Gabriela-Krystyna Beimborn, Paul-Gerhard Beimborn, Hüseyin Uguzhan, Tanja Stein-Wolf.

Honours at Roth Werke:
40 years: Johanna Gnau, Jürgen Hartmann.
25 years: Detlev Bopp, Markus Dersch, Jens Ebeling, Lydia Freiling, Susanne Georg, Peter Handwerk, Karlheinz Keutner, Thorsten Maaß, Achmed Martin, Anette Opper, Gerd Ortmüller, Michael Pohl, Rainer Rudolf, Frank Rüffel, Michael Schmidt, Liane Schneider, Dieter Weber, Claudia Weil.

Honours at EHA Composite Machinery:
25 years: Tanja Ruber, Jörg Wagner (Manufacturing), Jörg Wagner (Construction).

Honours at Schlesinger:
50 years: Frank Bender.
25 years: Thomas Lorenz, Carmen Schütz.