Breaking ground for plant expansion at Roth Plastics Technology


Roth Plastics Technology start with the new construction of a factory and warehouse building of 3,650 square metres in Wolfgruben. The specialist in plastics processing continues to be on a path of growth and increases its capacities.

The business and sales management of Roth Plastics Technology, Mayor Bernd Schmidt, the architect’s office of Freischlad & Partner, general contractor Christmann + Pfeifer, the planning office of Martin Fuchs as well as Dr. Anne-Kathrin Roth from the Roth family gathered for the breaking ground ceremony on May 11, 2016. Roth is investing more than four million euros in construction work at the location in Wolfgruben. At the same time, two additional million euros are being invested in new machinery and technical equipment. The manufacturer realises a forward-looking production and logistics concept with the construction in order to be able to master the planned revenue increases of the next few years. In 2015 alone, Roth Plastics Technology achieved roughly 16 percent higher revenues compared to the previous year.

The new hall based on plans from Freischlad & Partner in Haiger is being built according to the latest energy-efficient standards. Roth's company philosophy is firmly based upon the greatest possible conservation of resources, protection of the environment and use of renewable energy. The company utilises the synergies of its own organisation and incorporates system solutions from the product programme of Roth Werke in the building technology. Hence, a Roth industrial radiant heating will provide a pleasant temperature profile in the hall. As part of it, an outdoor radiant heating will provide an ice-free loading zone in the separate outside areas. The heating system is based on the heat recovery from the production exhaust heat being generated in the injection moulding processes. Furthermore, a fully biological Roth plastic sewage plant is being employed. The power supply is furnished by a photovoltaic system. Plans call for an obstruction-free plant bypass and four gates for weather-independent loading and unloading under a cantilevered projecting roof. Inside loading bays are intended to provide for dry loading in the production cycle. This allows finished parts to move directly from the manufacturing process to their way to the customer. In the same way, empties can be unloaded directly at the machine in production.

The new hall is scheduled to be ready for use before the end of the year. The residents have been informed about the construction work and will have the opportunity for a plant visit after its completion. As reported by the company, the response from the neighbourhood was positive. Herbert Blodig, Plant Manager at Roth Plastics Technology, said: “Our plant expansion ensures an efficient flow of goods from manufacturing through warehousing and dispatch to the customer. Expanding the production is accompanied by an increase in personnel by additional 15 employees to a total of 175.” On behalf of the company's shareholders, Dr. Anne-Kathrin Roth states: “By making this investment, we took account of the dynamic development of our Plastics Technology sector.”