EHA and Schlesinger merge to become Roth Composite Machinery


EHA Composite Machinery GmbH in Steffenberg and Schlesinger Maschinenbau GmbH in Burgwald are now one entity. The two subsidiaries of Roth Industries merged and have been operating as Roth Composite Machinery GmbH since mid-June 2016. The companies, which are both well-known and established in their sectors, will now bear together the logo of parent company Roth Industries. Schlesinger has belonged to the Roth Group since 1977 and EHA since 1995.

As part of restructuring measures, Roth Industries is bringing together related business areas in its two fields of building and industrial technology, condensing its professional expertise into six divisions. In doing so, Roth Industries is transforming from a group of companies with different brands into a homogenous unit with one consistent brand image. The move was sparked by the entrepreneurial Roth family. All of the divisions will operate under the Roth brand in future – it is the face of the family business and gives it a global identity. Roth Composite Machinery represents the Composite Technology division.

As Dr Andreas Reimann (Managing Director of RCM) explained: “Operating under the Roth motto of ‘one brand – many strengths’, we are ready to support our customers with an expanded team thanks to the company’s new structure. With a broader range of technologies, we can find more targeted responses to technical challenges in production. Our expanded team of experienced fitters allows us to offer the very best customer service when installing and starting up systems. Greater cooperation is now being fostered between companies within the Roth Group, allowing our partners to immediately start benefiting more from the network we have with our subsidiaries.”

As the two companies merge, the Group will also undergo internal restructuring. The fusion of the product ranges has led to reorganisation of the following business areas:

  • Filament Winding & Prepreg
  • Pleating & Coating
  • Brushes & Brooms

Roth Composite Machinery specialises in special-purpose mechanical engineering – the company plans, designs and manufacturers assemblies, machines and entire production lines across its business areas.

For example, the product range includes machines for filament winding, a process to manufacture products made from high-quality plastics that are particularly robust thanks to fibre reinforcement, to be used in lightweight construction applications. In particular, these are used in the automotive and sports industries, in aerospace and in wind turbines. Synthetic resin or thermoplastic materials are processed on these machines and systems using reinforcing fibres, usually made from glass or carbon. Prepreg systems are used to manufacture composite fibre semi-finished goods that can be further processed and made into finished products in subsequent stages using the preimpregnated (hence the term prepreg), partially set thermoplastic matrix.

The Pleating & Coating product range supplies machines and systems for finishing materials produced in webs: Filter folding machines are used in the production of air, water or oil filters in the automobile industry, as well as in aviation, hydraulics, ventilation and medical technology.
This production area includes both mechanical and servomotor-driven knife pleating machines and the corresponding peripheral systems.
Coating and impregnation systems are used to manufacture goods produced in webs, including paper, films, laminates and fabrics. In this product area in particular, Roth Composite Machinery offers solutions tailored to the customer’s requirements.

Roth Composite Machinery – previously known as SCHLESINGER – has been making machines for manufacturing brushes and brooms for household and industry for almost 100 years. It began in 1919 with the production of a patented multi-spindle drill machine for wooden brushes. Practically every country in the world has a machine that was made in Burgwald, where the brush machine specialist made its new home in 1951 after the turmoil of the Second World War. It offers an innovative range of carousel, universal and shearing machines. In particular, one of the manufacturer’s key mainstays is developing special-purpose machines. This is rounded off with a high level of innovation, quality and technological capability and a strong emphasis on customer service. By providing solutions that are tailored to the customer’s requirements, Roth enables its customers to enhance and secure their competitive position in the market.