Roth - a brand with many strengths: Roth Industries is undergoing a makeover

During a re-structuring process, Roth Industries is consolidating related business fields from their building and industrial divisions, with company expertise focusing on six divisions. The family-owned company is migrating from a group of companies with various portfolios to a homogenous unit with one uniform brand image. Now all the companies operating independently in the market have the Roth company name and logo. The Roth brand is the face of the family-owned company, providing it with a global identity.

Roth Industries is based in Dautphetal-Buchenau. The Building Solutions division (building technology) includes the divisions of Energy Systems, Sanitary Systems and Environmental Systems.

Roth Werke in Buchenau manages the Energy Systems division with product programmes for energy generation, energy storage and energy distribution as well as the Sanitary Systems division with shower cubicles and shower walls. A large number of Roth foreign subsidiaries sell Roth Energy and Sanitary Systems.

Roth Umwelttechnik in Bischofswerda represents the Environmental Systems division. Internationally, environmental systems are marketed via Roth foreign subsidiaries.

Industrial Solutions (industry technology) includes the following technologies: composites, plastics and hydraulics.

The two engineering companies EHA Composite Machinery in Steffenberg and Schlesinger in Burgwald merged to become Roth Composite Machinery, based in Steffenberg. The sites will continue to exist. The new company manages the Composite Technology division. Its core competences include filament winding, coating and impregnation technology as well as machines for brush and broom manufacture.

Roth Plastics Technology in Wolfgruben will trade under the name Plastic Technology in the future, representing the Plastics division of Roth Industries. The company specialises in plastics processing using injection moulding and blow moulding processes for moulded parts and containers.

Previously known as Bolenz & Schäfer, this subsidiary of Roth Industries in Biedenkopf will henceforth trade under the name Roth Hydraulics, representing the Hydraulics Technology division with pressure tanks and special solutions. Roth Hydraulics has a subsidiary in China and, since January 2016, one in the US.

Roth - a brand with many strengths
With Building Solutions, Roth supplies the international Sanitary/Heating/Air Conditioning industry.
The investment goods and durables of Industrial Solutions supply the following industries globally: automotive, aerospace, renewable energies, hydraulics, medicine and transportation, as well as the domestic sector.

The medium-sized family-owned company's areas of expertise are energy, water and plastics. Roth Industries is operating throughout the world with 22 production and sales companies, with different businesses and around 1,200 employees. The company is fully owned by the Roth family.

Matthias Donges, CEO of Roth Industries, commented on the changes: "By re-structuring, we strengthen the company for the world market. Customers will benefit from interdisciplinary expertise and years of experience in the field. We will focus on our expertise and use synergies to expand our innovation leadership and leading market position. With its range of floor heating and cooling systems as well as composite technologies, the company is one of the global market leaders."

The Roth family has initiated this change and is setting the pace
Manfred Roth said: "Roth will remain a family-owned company for the next generation as well. My children have taken on important management tasks and carry the highest responsibility alongside me."

Claus-Hinrich Roth, with a degree in Business Management, is responsible for the Roth Industries finance department. He has been working for the group since 2001.

Christin Roth-Jäger joined the company in 2001 and has spent several years internationally heading up strategic marketing operations for Energy Systems building technology. Since 2014, business specialist Christin Roth-Jäger is managing director sales for Roth Werke.

Business specialist Dr. Anne-Kathrin Roth is responsible for strategic marketing of water systems for the sanitary sector and the water and sewage treatment sector. She has been working at Roth since 2010.

A glance into the future
The shareholders are unanimous: "We have diversified with our business sectors and we would like to strengthen and continue to expand the existing product groups. With the new company structure and the unified brand, we want to leverage synergies in the group even more. We have initiated important developments in each of our areas of expertise. Additional investments are planned for the future."