Roth expands in Eastern Europe: takeover of the company Roltechnik - Further internationalisation of the sanitary activities


Roth extends its sanitary activities significantly. The Dautphetal-based manufacturer of glass showers and complete showers takes over the Czech company Roltechnik with approximately 150 employees. In Czech Republic the company has its headquarters in Třebařov and a further production site in Červená Voda. Further the manufacturer has a subsidiary in Slovakia. 

Roltechnik is an established supplier of shower enclosures, steam showers, shower trays, bath tubs and jacuzzis. Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary belong to the core markets of the company which was founded in 1991. Until now the owner of Roltechnik was a Czech financial investor.
Dr. Anne-Kathrin Roth, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the Roth Sanitary systems explained: „Roltechnik gives us immediate presence with our successful sanitary sector in markets, where we haven’t been before. The acquisition increases our manufacturing capacity and allows the enlargement of our product ranges. We transform to a full-range-supplier in the relevant product segments and create the basis for the further internationalisation of our business activities. Herewith the new production sites in Czech Republic as well as our site in Dautphetal-Buchenau will be further expanded.“ In the course of the takeover of Roltechnik the manufacturer wants to exploit possible synergies.

Roth sanitary programme with promising components
With the expansion Roth completes its existing sanitary programme with further promising elements. The cross-linkage of the product ranges and the enlarged offer of Roth products will be realised fast and will be noticeable for customers very soon. At ISH 2017 Roth will already present new product ranges.

Matthias Donges, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Roth Industries is convinced: „This is a positive and strategic setting of the course for our sanitary sector. Roltechnik fits absolutely well with Roth. We already have a long lasting cooperation, we know the company, people and performance very well. Business principles and company cultures are quite similar. This is a perfect base for a fast integration. Roltechnik has a huge reputation in the Eastern European markets and an excellent network in the professional market. Roth is highly present in the remaing European markets. We intend to use the strengths of both organisations for the benefit for our customers in the sanitary sector.”

Jiří Šejnoha, CEO of Roltechnik underlines: „We are very pleased that we found a new home in a family-owned company. Roth looks back on 70 years of history and experience and is an important supplier in Europe‘s sanitary and heating market. This constellation is ideal from the point of view of our management and employees and it promises stability, growth and a good future for Roltechnik.“

Gate to Eastern Europe for energy systems
With the new site in Czech Republic new paths into Eastern direction open up for Roth. From there the company plans to have better access to the countries of Eastern Europe for its energy systems as well as for its water and waste water treatment technologies.