Breaking ground for plant expansion at Roth - Expansion of large-scale blow moulding production


Roth Industries is expanding its capacity at Watertown in the state of New York, USA. It is adding a large, new blow moulding plant and extending the factory by about 2,500 square metres whilst incorporating modern infrastructure. Roth USA is on courses for growth and is engaging in the extensive expansion of its large-scale blow moulding production because of increasing demand. Roth has five production sites located throughout the world and these use blow moulding processes to create plastic products.

In addition to the two German manufacturing facilities in Dautphetal-Buchenau and Bischofswerda, there is also a facility in Tudela in Spain and there are two more in the USA. These are located in Watertown and Syracuse. The manufacturer has the largest blow moulding plants in the world. Roth uses these to manufacture up to 10,000 litres of capacity. With its storage systems for water and fuels, the Hessian family-owned company is one of the world market leaders and is now strengthening this position by expanding the factory in Watertown.

Manfred Roth, Executive Chairman for Roth Industries, Joseph A. Brown, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Roth USA and Joseph Butler, mayor of Watertown, all attended the ground-breaking ceremony in July 2016. Other guests included representatives of the state of New York, Jefferson County and the Watertown region. Roth has invested approximately six million euros in expanding the plant. The construction work will be completed by the end of the year and the new production plant will start to operate in summer 2017. In the medium term, 15 new jobs have been created at the Watertown site. Roth USA now has about 50 employees.
Manfred Roth pointed out: “Our companies in the USA have developed extremely positively. The demand for our products is steadily increasing and we are convinced that there is great opportunity for growth in North America. Blow moulding processes have been one of the core competencies of our family company since 1970. We are expanding our position even further by investing in another large blow moulding plant. Thanks for your excellent collaboration with all the parties involved and with the authorities.” Among other things, Roth wishes to use the large new blow moulding plant to manufacture new products that are currently in their development phase.
On the occasion of the ground-breaking ceremony, Joseph A. Brown said: “Today is an exciting day and the hard work starts now. The new plant is very modern and we can use it to manufacture larger and more complex plastic products.”


Impressions of the ground-breaking ceremony


In Watertown, Roth Industries uses blow moulding processes to manufacture double-walled tanks for both private and commercial use as well as traffic guidance systems made of plastic. The company also manufactures heating circuit distributors and components for floor heating and cooling systems there. 100 kilometres away, in Syracuse, Roth USA uses blow moulding processes to produce both tanks for water and sewage treatment technology and kayaks. The company supplies the North American and Canadian markets from both sites. Roth has had its own subsidiaries in the USA since 1997. The family-owned company has owned the business in Syracuse since 2007. The headquarters for Roth Hydraulics NA has also been located there since January 2016. This company represents the hydraulics sector of Roth Industries. It manufactures bladder accumulators and markets piston and diaphragm accumulators produced in Germany.