Roth crowned one of the top 1,000 family-owned enterprises in 2016


Roth Industries in Dautphetal is one of Germany’s 1,000 biggest family-owned enterprises, the leading light among roughly three million similar companies in Germany. The results came after the company platform “Die deutsche Wirtschaft” (German industry) conducted a survey in summer 2016. 

Christin Roth-Jäger from the Roth family-owned company explained: “We are absolutely delighted to be singled out as one of the 1,000 biggest family-owned enterprises in Germany. These are often SMEs and form the backbone of German industry. They drive innovation and boost employment, training and growth.” Impressive figures released by “Die deutsche Wirtschaft” also demonstrate how significant these family-owned enterprises are for the German economy. The figures show that the top 1,000 generated around EUR 1.67 billion of sales, creating over seven million jobs in Germany and abroad. They are spread across 585 cities in Germany. The most densely populated state of North-Rhine Westphalia is home to the most family-owned enterprises, with 270 of the 1,000 having their registered offices there. Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg came next with 200 each, while the new states came last in the federal ranking. The compendium is published on and is continuously updated.

As announced by the company platform, it took over 4,000 company contacts and several months’ worth of research to complete the compendium of German family-owned enterprises. The survey is based on the sales figures from the 2015 financial year. The editorial team considered all enterprises that are at least 50 per cent family-owned for the ranking. Holding structures and subsidiaries were pooled together.

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