Keys handed over for new logistic centre at Roth Plastics Technology - Presentation of the Roth Membership Statue


Last May, Roth Plastics Technology turned the first sod for the construction of a new 3,650 square-metre logistics hall in Wolfgruben. The plastics manufacturer is currently growing, and needs to expand its capacities to keep up. Just before the company’s end-of-year celebrations for its employees on 17 December 2016, the plastics processing specialist formally received the keys of the new building.

The business and sales management of Roth Plastics Technology, Mayor Bernd Schmidt, general contractor Christmann + Pfeifer, architect’s office of Freischlad & Partner, planning office LS-Plan as well as the Roth family were all gathered for the formal handover of keys. Roth is investing more than four million euros in construction work at the Wolfgruben location. It is also investing another two million euros in new machinery along with a further million in infrastructure and technical equipment.
The newly constructed facility represents the next step in the manufacturer’s forward looking production and logistics philosophy, putting it in a position to manage the increase in sales it is set to experience in the coming years. Roth Plastics Technology recorded sales growth in double figures over each of the past two years. This allowed it to increase its staff numbers to 175 employees. Speaking for the shareholders, Dr. Anne-Kathrin Roth declares that “By making this investment, we are responding to the dynamic development in our segment of the plastics technology industry.”

Presentation of the Roth Membership Statue
After the handover of the keys, the whole staff of the company celebrated their Christmas party. Straight after the company’s top management had greeted the staff, Dr. Anne-Kathrin Roth, representing the Roth family, presented the company with the Roth Membership Statue. The statue serves as a symbol of Roth Plastics Technology’s membership to the Roth family of companies. The statue is a special distinction marking the successful work of the Roth daughter companies. The plastics processing firm has been operating at its Wolfgruben location since 1974.

The latest energy standards at new logistics centre
Roth's company philosophy puts a central emphasis on maximum conservation of resources, protection of the environment and use of renewable energy. In keeping with this stance, the new logistics centre at the site conforms to the very latest energy standards. The company takes full advantage of the synergies within its own organisation and incorporates system solutions from Roth Werke’s range of products in its building services technology. The result is that the company has achieved a temperature profile suitable for the technically demanding products produced by the company by laying the total of 29,000 metres of system piping used for the Roth industrial floor heating system. The heat required for the network is obtained from the excess heat produced by injection moulding production. The loading zone, with its eleven meters of cantilevered roofing and an open-air heating system ensures safe, all-weather loading all through the cold season.
Inside the logistics centre, indoor loading bays permit production-friendly loading only a short distance from manufacturing areas. This allows finished parts to set out on their journey to the customer as soon as the manufacturing process has been completed. Similarly, empties can be unloaded directly at the machine in the production area.
A fully organic Roth micro waste water treatment plant by Roth Umwelttechnik of Bischofswerda is now in operation for the new part of the building.

Building work on the new facility, due for completion at the end of 2016, went according to plan. As Herbert Blodig, Plant Manager at Roth Plastics Technology, comments, “We would like to expressly thank local residents for their understanding. They had to put up with some inconveniences during building work. Residents will have the chance to take a look at our business during the summer of 2017 as part of an open day event that we are organising.”