Manfred and Heike Roth support children and young adult hospice

Entrepreneur Manfred Roth and his wife Heike have donated over EUR 5,000 to the Gießen/Marburg outpatient children and young adult hospice association. Pamela Stephens accepted the donation for the area of Marburg-Biedenkopf at the Marburg office. Guests celebrating Manfred Roth’s 80th birthday and the couple’s golden wedding anniversary helped with the fundraising campaign.

The Gießen/Marburg outpatient children and young adult hospice association provides support to children, teenagers and young adults with life-limiting diseases as well as their families. Around 50 volunteers currently work at the hospice, giving three to five hours of their time each week in order to be there and support families in person. Just by “being there”, their presence gives parents a bit of freedom in their stressful day-to-day life. Manfred Roth said: “The work of the outpatient children and young adult hospice association and their volunteers provides huge support to affected children and young adults as well as their families. We attach huge importance to supporting those in our community who undertake such a responsibility to help those in need.”

The support is often very practical
The hospice service offers help to families in accordance with their individual situation and currently supports 29 families. Each family is different with its own story and its own future. Support is often provided to families for months and years. Even after the death of a child, volunteers will stay with the families if the parents or siblings want this.
Support can be very practical and may involve reading to a sick child, taking a sibling to sports training or helping them to complete their homework. The volunteers are also often there for people of all ages who must deal with difficult topics surrounding life and death and who need somebody to talk to. The hospice work is largely financed by donations. Donations make it possible, for example, to train volunteers before they start working with families or they may go towards funding a summer party and a family excursion for families and volunteers. Pamela Stephens explained: “Our association touches many people’s hearts. Hospice work comes from the heart and reaches hearts in need. Our volunteers not only give their time, but also bring a lot of love and patience to the families. We are delighted that the Roth family would like to get to know the work we do personally and we are extremely grateful for their donation, which will help us immensely in our work.”
The Gießen/Marburg outpatient children and young adult hospice association was founded in 2006 under the umbrella of the Deutscher Kinderhospizverein e.V. (German Children’s Hospice Association). Its registered office has been located in Marburg since April 2019. For more information, please visit and


Image caption: From left to right: Manfred Roth, Pamela Stephens and Heike Roth handing over the donation to the outpatient children and young adult hospice association in Marburg.