The Roth family business helps to combat the coronavirus pandemic

The Dautphetal-based Roth Industries is contributing to efforts aimed at stopping the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. With a donation of 12,000 protective masks for the mouth and nose, also known as surgical masks, the family-owned company is supporting retirement homes and nursing homes as well as outpatient care services in the Hessian Hinterland region. Roth is also donating 400 respirator masks for medical personnel working with coronavirus patients. They are certified as FFP2 (Filtering Face Piece 2). The donation also includes five Roth Service Boxes. These are suitable for the hygienic and safe disposal of worn protective equipment during the treatment of Covid-19 patients.

Frank Fuchs, Managing Director of Roth Hydraulics, a subsidiary of Roth Industries, procured the masks as coordinator from the company's own subsidiary in Taicang, China. Roth is paying the costs of procurement and transport. Taicang is approximately 50 kilometres away from the city of Shanghai. The goods have already arrived in the Hinterland region via the Frankfurt airport. Marion Dersch accepted the 400 FFP2 masks and Service Boxes for distribution on behalf of Dr Birgit Wollenberg, Medical Officer of the Marburg Local Health Authority.
Diana Gillmann-Kamm from the Diakonisches Werk Marburg-Biedenkopf is coordinating the distribution of the masks to the care facilities in the region. Christin Roth-Jäger and Dr Anne-Kathrin Roth, Managing Directors of Roth Industries, both agree: "Right now there is a shortage of protective masks worldwide. To help out, we are using our logistics network in China to procure the masks. In this way, we can support regional employees in care professions. Elderly people are one of the risk groups that require special protection to prevent coronavirus infections."


Roth Maschinenbau cooperates with manufacturers of certified masks
A cooperation partner will soon offer high-quality FFP2 and FFP3-certified respirator masks based on filter folding machines from the delivery programme of Roth Composite Machinery in Burgwald, another subsidiary of Roth Industries. Roth is able to draw on expertise and know-how in machine engineering as well as a great wealth of experience in the processing of filter materials and non-woven fabrics. Dr Anne-Kathrin Roth explains: "The increased need among medical personnel for certified respirator masks when treating Covid-19 patients will last a long time. With our new machine concept, we are offering suitable solutions in this sector."


Background Information

Service Box: For safe and hygienic disposal of clinical waste, Roth Werke in Dautphetal offers the Service Box. This is suitable for the disposal and transport of solid hazardous goods in hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, coronavirus testing centres and doctors' surgeries. The handy Roth Service Box comes with a capacity of 170 or 250 litres.

Respirator masks: They are known as "filtering face pieces", FFP for short, and classified into protective classes (FFP2 or FFP3). These masks are certified.

Surgical masks: They are made of multiple layers of material, one of which acts as a filter. The outer layer must be liquid-repellent. The filter effect is generated by static charge created through friction between the layers. They are authorised in the EU.