Disposal of clinical waste safely with Roth Service Box - for protective equipment used in the


For safe and hygienic disposal of clinical waste, Roth Werke in Dautphetal offers the Service Box. This is suitable for the disposal and transport of solid hazardous goods. For instance, the Service Box can be used in the current situation to dispose of worn protective equipment during the treatment of Covid-19 patients.

The healthcare sector currently relies on particularly strict hygienic measures to prevent the further spread of coronavirus. Clinical waste generated in hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, coronavirus testing centres and doctors' surgeries can be collected safely in the Roth Service Box. For additional hygiene, even for outdoor use, the box has a metal security lock with a water-tight cover. Built-in wheels and a handle ensure easy handling, for instance in corridors, stairways and lifts. The Roth Service Box is stackable for effective storage and transport.

The manufacturer of storage and transport containers offers the handy Roth Service Box with a capacity of 170 or 250 litres. It meets the transport requirement pursuant to UN 3291: "Clinical waste, unspecified". The containers are approved for transporting goods in Packing Groups II and III. According to Point of the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods, ADR, goods labelled as UN 3291 are classified to Packing Group II. On its website, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) confirmed that medical waste which is potentially contaminated with Covid-19 is classified as an infectious substance under Category B of UN 3291.
The Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) has published a regulation for transport in public (No. D/BAM/ADR Reference 3.3/01 2020 Version 1).

Experience and expertise in container technology
The Roth family business has built up decades of experience in the production of containers and plastics processing. Dr Anne-Kathrin Roth explained on behalf of her family’s company: "In the current situation, what is needed are products that support the hygienic measures required during the everyday routines of medical professionals to effectively prevent the further spread of coronavirus. With the Roth Service Box, we are providing the healthcare sector with a suitable product for handling medical waste." Roth storage tanks offer strong vertical integration, reliable production processes that have been tried and tested for many years as well as quality and service.