Minister for Europe and SMEs – Online Conversation with Roth Industries in Dautphetal


Lucia Puttrich: "A broad range of SMEs is our insurance in this crisis" 

In actuality, a personal visit was planned to the Roth Industries premises in Dautphetal. Due to the current situation in the pandemic, the visit to the company was quickly changed to an online visit. But this did not harm the exchange of ideas between the company management and the minister for Europe. Topics included Brexit, the European Green Deal and the supply chain legislation currently under discussion.

Roth Industries GmbH & Co. KG comprises 28 production and sales companies and more than 1,300 employees around the world. It is one of the most innovative companies in its industries. The head office of this long-established, medium-sized company is in Dautphetal, Hesse, Germany. The areas of expertise of this medium-sized, family-owned company are energy, water and plastics.

"Roth Industries is a typical family-owned company. The Roth family, in particular Manfred Roth, took their passion and dedication and developed the home workshop founded in 1947 into a global leader based in Hesse, Germany. Today, the company is being led by the third generation of the family, relying on sustainability and innovation 'Made in Hesse'," says Lucia Puttrich.

"We discussed a wide range of topics. The effects of the Corona pandemic on the industry as well as Brexit, the planned projects of the European Green Deal and the supply chain legislation currently being discussed were the focus of intense exchange.

Manfred Roth, the long-serving head of the company, welcomed the minister. He explained, "The exchange of ideas between the political and economic realms is absolutely essential, especially in this time of so many challenges. This is the only way that we can achieve good results in the economic and social arenas."

The minister for Europe expressed appreciation for the intense discussion. "I'm always impressed by how well strong family-owned companies are able to achieve among the global competition. They are innovative and based on quality. These characteristics make family-owned companies flexible in reacting to unpredictable challenges like the COVID19 pandemic and also make them particularly responsible in dealing with their employees. The emergency aid from the state and the short-time working hours helped in responding to this responsibility. Innovation doesn't just come out of nowhere. It is the result of passion for technology, creativity and a deep commitment of the staff to their company. That is why it is important to support companies in connecting with their core employees, during crises as well", explained the minister for Europe, who herself worked in the management of a family-owned company for many years.

"The subject of Brexit is still shot through with uncertainty. The time for a solution may be very short and the people are increasingly losing trust in the willingness of Boris Johnson's government to negotiate.
For that reason, starting next year the clock will be turned back for both suppliers and producers in Europe's internal market. Hesse started planning for a no-deal scenario from the very beginning as well. In the event of an emergency, this will be of benefit to us. We are well prepared for that sort of scenario", said the minister for Europe.