Specialist in plastics processing active in blow-moulding technology for 50 years


A decision taken 50 years ago started Roth Industries' specialisation in plastics processing procedures. Back then, the company based in Dautphetal-Buchenau was manufacturing steel tanks for heating oil storage. The idea of investing in a plastics process to produce containers developed into a product portfolio that is unimaginable without this innovative material and that the Roth company can produce with a wide spectrum of plastics processing procedures. 

At the end of the 1960s, the entrepreneur Manfred Roth decided to produce containers using blow-moulding technology and summarised his thought process at the time as follows: "It was a big risk to choose a plastics process that may turn out not to be competitive. Nonetheless, I saw our entry into blow-moulding technology as a huge opportunity for our company to grow. For us, as a producer of steel tanks with an annual sales volume of around 25,000 tanks, there was a huge potential for development with a market volume of about 600,000 tanks in Germany alone."

Development of plastics competence
The strategic decision to move in the direction of plastics proved to be successful and also laid the foundation for a plastics plant in Dautphetal-Buchenau, the current headquarters of the Roth family company, in 1970. The first blow-moulding plant for manufacturing 1,100-litre tanks started production in the first quarter of 1971 and had an annual capacity of 40,000 tanks. Manfred Roth reminisced: "We were very successful in selling our heating oil tanks. This was followed by investments in more blow-moulding plants and an expansion of our product line."

50 years later, Roth now has five production sites located throughout the world that use blow-moulding processes to create plastic products. In addition to the two German manufacturing facilities in Dautphetal-Buchenau and Bischofswerda, there is also a facility in Tudela in Spain and there are two more in the U.S.A. in Watertown and Syracuse. The manufacturer has the largest blow-moulding plants in the world. Roth uses these to manufacture up to 10,000 litres of capacity. With its storage systems for water and fuels, the family company is one of the global market leaders.

Products for resource protection
Even though heating oil tank production continued to boom right up until the end of the 1990s, Roth also began blow-moulding water and sewage containers as early as 1994. The experience the company had gathered in tank production was implemented at this time. The rotational method was then added as a means of manufacturing containers that can hold up to 6,000 litres. At Roth Umwelttechnik in Bischofswerda, the company uses blow-moulding manufacturing to produce the Roth Twinbloc container, which is designed to hold up to 5,000 litres. It is used in underground systems for rainwater utilisation and in small sewage plants.
Roth ventured into another area of business in 2002, using its blow-moulding machinery to manufacture high-tech plastic parts such as components for road markers, which are produced using a double mould. Roth also manufactures small moulded plastic parts, such as the Roth Service Box for transporting solid and hazardous goods as well as parts for mobile toilet facilities. To produce those parts, Roth has a highly modern robot-based manufacturing. At the push of a button, a handling device moves the plastic parts into the required position. Another product range based on the blow-moulding process is the Roth HelioPool swimming pool absorbers for direct solar heating of swimming pool water using the constant flow principle. These are produced at the Buchenau location.


50 years after introducing
the blow-moulding procedure:
the Roth heating oil tanks
Roth DWT plus 3, Roth KWT (from left)

The Roth Twinbloc is used in rainwater
utilisation systems and small sewage plants.


A wide variety of plastics processing procedures
Based on blow-moulding technology, Roth has built its expertise in plastics processing over the decades and today utilises its extensive know-how to make its creations. In addition to blow moulding, the company manufactures quality products using the plastics processing procedures injection moulding, extrusion, rotational moulding and thermoforming. The manufacturer has access to the Roth Group’s various production sites both in Germany and abroad in order to make this possible. Along with plastics, the manufacturer's other fields of competence are energy and water.


Products developed in the field of plastics can be found throughout the area of technical building services. In addition to storage systems and swimming pool absorbers, Roth offers system pipes for underfloor heating and drinking water installation. The manufacturer also has heat pumps in its product range as well as a comprehensive selection of glass showers and complete showers.