Roth family business welcomes new apprentices


The new apprentices for this year began their training at Roth on 2 August 2021. HR managers, instructors and representatives from the works committee were on hand to welcome the 20 newcomers starting their careers. 

These include trainee electronics engineers, warehouse operators, industrial clerks, industrial and process mechanics and cutting machine operators. “This training provides the basis for working life – here at Roth, we work with our apprentices to help lay solid foundations with the future in mind,” explained Michael Donges, Head of HR at Roth Industries. As this year’s training gets underway, there are around 75 apprentices and “Studium Plus” students in total currently enrolled on the family company’s training programmes. The new young professionals will complete their training at Roth Composite Machinery in Steffenberg and Burgwald, Roth Hydraulics in Eckelshausen and Roth Plastic Technology in Wolfgruben as well as Roth Werke in Buchenau. This year, three new apprentices are starting their training at Roth’s subsidiary Becker Plastics in Datteln. If they do well, Roth offers the apprentices the option of completing part of their training at a Roth company abroad. The first day began with a tour of the premises, a company presentation, a safety training course and some initial briefings about company processes. The newcomers were then welcomed by their departments. With a training quota of around ten per cent, Roth offers a higher than average number of training positions with a lot of opportunities for further development. The retention rate for employment after training currently stands at more than 90 per cent.

The ideal combination of theory and practice
The industrial trainees receive intensive theoretical and practical knowledge transfer from dedicated instructors in Roth Industries' in-house, central training workshop. This qualifies the career starters for the demands of daily operations.
The commercial trainees pass through the commercial departments on the basis of a company education plan. There, the focus is on practical knowledge. This is rounded off with in-company instruction, in which vocational school topics are reviewed and intermediate and final examinations are prepared.

Roth Smart Factory
Apprentices at Roth also have the opportunity to work on the Smart Factory project. This gives them an additional qualification teaching digital skills and self-organised learning within a team under the management of Roth trainers. Commercial and management apprentices can take part and deepen their practical knowledge of the modern working world. Using 3D printing methods, the Smart Factory Team manufactures products for Roth Group companies. In doing so, they have to manage the entire operational process – from the feasibility analysis to cost calculation, processing the order and the quote and the manufacturing stage itself, through to financial accounting and strategic decisions such as yielding a return for future investments profitable to the company. The interdisciplinary work promotes the development of professional, methodological and social skills right from apprenticeship level and prepares the future work force for their career.