Roth is donating complete showers in flood areas, as well as providing emergency aid for installing tank systems


The flood disaster in July 2021 hit hard for the small town of Dernau on the Ahr in the district of Ahrweiler. Weeks afterwards, the water supply was still interrupted in many households and bathroom installations were destroyed. In close coordination with the local authorities, Roth Werke in Dautphetal donated 15 Exklusiv complete showers for particularly affected houses. They are equipped with a hot water boiler and a drain pump and provide instant hot water for showering.

Only a cold water connection and a drain are required. As part of the donation, Roth employees also provided on-site installation services. Dr Anne-Kathrin Roth, Executive Management at Roth Werke, explained: “In cases of acute need, the Roth complete shower is ideal because it is ready for use right away. We are glad that we can provide meaningful help for people in flood-affected areas with our products.”
The complete shower unit is stable and can be removed and reinstalled in a different location at any time. It makes it possible to shower in comfort when a permanent installation is not desirable or not possible. Katrin Zetzsche-Josten, one of the affected building owners in Dernau, expressed her thanks and said: “This great donation makes our lives a little bit more liveable again." 





Structure of the Roth complete shower, from left: André Marner, member of the crisis team in Dernau, Anni Kehrhahn and Peter Handwerk, Customer Service Roth Werke Buchenau.
The Kehrhahn family in Dernau is happy to be able to shower again.


Structure of the Roth complete shower, from left: André Marner, member of the crisis team in Dernau, Anni Kehrhahn and Peter Handwerk, Customer Service Roth Werke Buchenau.
The Kehrhahn family in Dernau is happy to be able to shower again.

The Roth Exklusiv complete shower is suitable as a short-term solution for acute needs, such as here in Dernau for the Bader family.

The village of Dernau was severely affected by the flood event in summer 2021. The Roth relief team travelled to the village to support those affected by offering complete showers and installing the showers.

Emergency aid for destroyed tank systems
The flooding in the flood-affected areas in Germany also destroyed numerous heating oil tank systems. Roth Werke is also providing non-bureaucratic support for those affected, by offering 150 euros in immediate aid for the installation of a Roth tank system for heating oil storage. The building owner only needs to submit the copy of the heating contractor's invoice, the official confirmation of the flood damage and a completed value cheque available from Roth. After a brief verification, they will receive the manufacturer's referral. Roth offers a wide range of heating oil tanks in 750, 1000 and 1500 litre sizes. The tanks provide storage for up to 5000 litres of heating oil in rooms with fireplaces.

Roth heating oil tank systems hold their own
Roth is in close contact with the SHAC specialist companies in the flood areas. According to initial findings, even in completely flooded storage rooms, Roth DWT plus 3 heating oil tank systems anchored in the ground with flood protection withstood the flooding and were not washed away.

Roth heating oil tanks with flood protection withstand extreme weather events.

Facts & figures for Roth complete showers
The Exklusiv complete shower unit is available with a curtain and a choice of door types. The options include single swing doors, two-piece folding doors, three-piece sliding doors and four-piece corner access in various sizes. The modular construction and combination options for the upper and lower sections make it possible to create numerous models. The Roth complete shower unit is equipped with a mixer tap as well as a handheld shower head and a soap dish.
The Roth Exklusiv complete shower unit is available in a version which offers an entry height of just 180 millimetres for ease of access. The lowest version has a total height of 1915 millimetres. The range includes showers with various functions and equipment for individual solutions. Roth was the first company to pioneer the complete shower unit and has been manufacturing it since 1967. The high standards of quality are a result of these years of experience. Roth is one of Europe's leading suppliers of complete showers.

Facts & Figures Roth Heating Oil Tanks
The Roth DWT plus 3 is made of high-quality polyethylene that has been tried and tested over decades of use, with a fully galvanised steel outer jacket with a high-quality polymer seal. The solid steel construction of the Roth DWT plus 3 with its robust steel outer tank, tightly sealed all round, and the high-quality polyethylene inner tank also guarantee that it can be used safely in areas where there is a danger of flooding. The tank has withstood a 90-minute fire test at the materials testing institute in Dortmund and thus offers three times as much safety time as tanks made purely of plastic. The emissions-free metal encapsulation guarantees complete protection against diffusion. Thanks to its material properties, steel permits absolute air-tightness and therefore also guarantees storage stability for the storage of heating oil with biogenic components.
The tank production specialist also offers the Roth KWT. It is made entirely of plastic, with a polyethylene inner tank and a polyethylene shell. The edge of the shell connects directly to the tank on the inside to form a single functional tank unit. The compact design gives the Roth KWT extremely high strength without straps or beads. Smooth walls with a band-shaped bulge in the top part give it an unmistakably modern design.
The diffusion layer is achieved by material upgrading for all single- and double-walled polyethylene tanks. The Roth KWT has passed the 30-minute standard fire test at the MPA, Dortmund.