Honours at Roth Industries: Work anniversaries and retirements

Roth Industries honoured staff members who have served the business for 40 and 25 years and said farewell to those who have retired this year. The 16 employees from the family company's various subsidiaries can boast 535 years of service between them. The 18 employees who are retiring have accumulated a total of 654 years of service at the company.

“Because of the coronavirus pandemic and the large number of people, unfortunately we have to forego our traditional celebration in the Manfred Roth Atrium this year for the second time. However, it is still important for us to honour everyone’s achievements appropriately. We therefore issued the honours individually, in small groups, while respecting the social distancing and hygiene rules,” explained Michael Donges, Head of HR at the Roth family business. Roth invited the employees from the Buchenau, Wolfgruben, Eckelshausen, Niedereisenhausen and Burgwald locations to the head office in Dautphetal-Buchenau.
Claus-Hinrich Roth, the managing director, was on hand to congratulate each employee in person and pay tribute to their achievements on behalf of the Roth family. He emphasised: “In their individual areas of activity, each person makes a vital contribution to the success and development of the business. We are delighted to celebrate our employees' many years of loyal service. This is also true for those we are saying goodbye to this year as they start their well-earned retirement.”
Claus-Hinrich Roth and Michael Donges came together to thank the employees for their great commitment during individual meetings. “The low staff turnover and long employment periods at Roth are an indication of its positive working atmosphere and team spirit,” said the HR manager, who presented the employees with loyalty bonuses and gifts along with the congratulatory letter from the Hesse State Chancellery for the 40-year work anniversaries.
The retirees and the employees celebrating their work anniversaries at the Roth locations in Datteln and Bischofswerda were honoured on site. Under “normal” conditions, they all would have been guests at the Manfred Roth Atrium as part of the traditional celebration put on by the family company.

Becker Plastics
Work anniversaries
40 years: Jürgen Borsutzky
25 years: Daniel Fadda
Heinz-Peter Bovenderd, Heinz-Georg Fiege

Roth Composite Machinery
Work anniversaries
40 years: Thomas Berhöfer, Uwe Koch, Dieter Reese
Bernhardt Borchert, Elvira Kraus, Horst Müller, Johannes Rein, Herbert Wassmuth

Roth Hydraulics
Work anniversaries
25 years: Benjamin Gromes, Christoph Kohlenberger
Günter Platt, Walter Schäfer-Drösch, Matthias Schindler, Christian Schletter, Werner Schneider, Jürgen Theis, Sieghard Werner

Roth Plastic Technology
Work anniversaries
40 years: Dirk Becker, Thomas Metzger
25 years: Mathias Blodig

Roth Services
Work anniversaries
40 years: Gabriele Schmidt
25 years: Karsten Plitt
Ulrich Meyer

Roth Werke
Work anniversaries

40 years: Uwe Koch, Thomas Messerschmidt
25 years: Ludwig Bastuck, Martin Seckinger
Peter Hoffmann, Josef Utz

Roth Umwelttechnik
Günter Reins