Roth Plastic Technology goes climate neutral - environmental protection is an integral part of the company’s philosophy


Roth Plastic Technology in Wolfgruben has been producing in a climate-neutral fashion since 2017, making it one of the first companies in the Marburg-Biedenkopf district to do so. In a climate report, the company presents how it reduced its CO2 emissions and thus made a significant contribution to climate protection.

From 2,052 tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2012, Roth Plastic Technology was able to reduce its figures by around 95 percent to some 120 tonnes in 2017. “This is an important milestone in the development of our family-owned company”, says Christin Roth-Jäger.

In order to avoid emissions, the producer uses new energy-efficient injection moulding machines. Their waste heat warms up parts of its buildings. Roth has also installed a photovoltaic system on its own site.
The plastic goods producer has saved a portion of its emissions since switching to 100 per cent green energy from hydropower in 2016, as most of the emissions from the energy-intensive plastic manufacturing process are a result of power consumption. “Green energy allows us to cut our emissions entirely”, says Hartmut Gojdka.

Klima-Kollekte compensates for unavoidable emissions
Roth has been supporting sustainable climate-protection projects and thus balancing out the unavoidable emissions from its production since 2017. “This allows Roth to produce in a climate-neutral way”, says Hartmut Gojdka. The producer compensates for the residual 120 or so tonnes or unavoidable CO2 emissions through the Klima-Kollekte compensation fund in Berlin. Klima-Kollekte is a non-profit limited companyrun by Christian churches in Germany. It ensures that the amount donated by Roth by way of compensation will be used to fund the projects of participating ecclesiastical organisations or their partners abroad, which could be energy-saving projects or ones to boost renewable energy in developing and emerging countries. The Klima-Kollekte funds are currently being used for projects in India, Kenya, Central America and South Africa.

Certified environmental protection
It was only in December 2016 that Roth Werke in Buchenau and Roth Plastic Technology in Wolfgruben successfully passed the certification audit conducted in accordance with the EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) environmental auditing system. Within this framework, Roth undertakes to use less energy, heat more efficiently and prevent waste, among other commitments. The company has been certified in accordance with EMAS since 2010 and regularly publishes environmental statements. “We take account of our social responsibility with our environmental performance. Protecting the environment and resources is deeply embedded in our company’s philosophy,” says the Managing Board of Roth Plastic Technology.

The producer wants to further improve its environmental performance in the future too, which is why Roth Plastic Technology is installing even more energy-efficient injection moulding machines in its production plants this very year. The company also intends to use renewable energy to heat the new administrative building it plans to construct, avoiding even more emissions. To do so, the company will take full advantage of the synergies within its own organisation and incorporate system solutions from Roth Werke’s range of products in its building services technology. Roth heat pump systems will be used to generate energy. The energy distribution will carried out by Roth floor heating and cooling systems, which are perfectly suited to accompanying the heat pumps as they operate at low temperatures. The construction work will be completed this year.