Manfred Roth donates proceeds from his book sales to outpatient hospice service


Manfred Roth unveiled his book “The journey from small workshop to global market leader – A lifetime dedicated to the family company” to coincide with its 70th anniversary celebrations.

Since then, there has been great interest in the book, including from outside the Roth workforce. This is why Manfred Roth decided to offer copies of the book, which runs to over 300 pages including pictures, for sale at EUR 20 each. All the proceeds are to go towards the expansion of the Hospizdienst Immanuel hospice service in the Hessian Hinterland region. Anyone interested can contact either by calling +49 (0)6466-922-116, or by
e-mailing, putting “Book order” in the subject line. The book is also available from the Stephani bookshop in Biedenkopf.

In his book, Manfred Roth describes how the company grew from a newly-founded small workshop in 1947 to a dynamic industrial company, equipped with cutting-edge technologies and enjoying a leading market position. The publication describes how innovations and important strategic steps have paved the way for Roth to become a global market leader in core segments. It also shows how the political and economic environment in each individual decade has influenced the company’s decisions. Manfred Roth traces the development of the company from his own perspective and analyses his own experiences. The book contains numerous amusing anecdotes. Professor Eberhard Dülfer from Philipps-Universität Marburg wrote the preface, in which he says: “Manfred Roth’s life’s work is the perfect example of an appropriate, professionally and personally successful mid-sized, but also all-encompassing business policy that created the basis for future continuity in terms of family and business.”

Hospizdienst Immanuel
The Hospizdienst Immanuel is looking to develop an outpatient hospice service in the Hessian Hinterland region to complement its inpatient care in the St. Elisabeth hospice in Marburg. The hospice service assists people who are coming to the end of their lives. Most people would like to spend this time at home. So, a sizeable number of volunteers help them in their familiar surrounding at this time, giving them support and comfort. Manfred Roth said: “helping people through their final days is an important part of what it means to live together in society. It is therefore essential that we support the beneficial work the hospice is doing.”