Roth welcomes new apprentices


This year’s new apprentices are on the educational path within the Roth companies since August 1st. They were welcomed by the management executive board member and Head of HR , the supervisor and the chair of the work council. A total of 27 apprentices began their working lifes.

They include electronics engineers, warehouse operators, industrial management assistants, industrial and process mechanics, cutting machine operators, one technical product designer and a one-year-trainee. A total of around 85 apprentices and “Studium Plus” students make up this year’s intake for the Group’s training programmes. They are completing their apprenticeships at Roth Composite Machinery in Steffenberg and Burgwald, Roth Hydraulics in Biedenkopf, Roth Plastic Technology in Wolfgruben and Roth Werke in Buchenau. Three of the new apprentices are completing their apprenticeship at Becker Plastics in Datteln. If they do well, Roth offers the apprentices the option of completing part of their training at a Roth company abroad.

High training quota
With a training quota of more than nine percent, Roth offers a higher than average number of training positions. At the time Roth keeps 90 percent of the apprentices after the completion of their training.

Ideal combination of theoretical and practical teaching
The industrial apprentices receive intensive theoretical and practical teaching by dedicated trainers at Roth Industries’ central training workshop. The skills they learn equip them for the challenges of day-to-day working life at an industrial company. The management apprentices follow an in-house training plan in the business management departments, where the emphasis is on practical knowledge. Their training is rounded off by in-house teaching covering the subjects taught at vocational college and preparing them for intermediate and final exams.