Roth Plastic Technology opens its doors for a glimpse of the company - Our thanks go to the locals for their understanding during the construction work


Roth Plastic Technology in Wolfgruben opened its doors on 5 May for a glimpse of the company. Those invited included all current staff and their families, former staff and neighbours of the plastic product manufacturer. Around 150 guests attended.

As Herbert Blodig, a member of the Managing Board at Roth Plastic Technology, explained: “We take our guests on guided tours of the plant and share interesting facts about the company. Over the past two years, we have opened a logistics centre and a new service building on our site. We want to thank the locals for their understanding during the construction work. Today we want to show our guests how Roth Plastic Technology has developed and let them have a look around.”
The plastics processing specialist did not officially open its new service building until December 2017. One year before that, the manufacturer had opened up a new 3,650-square-metre logistics centre, expanded infrastructure and purchased more injection moulding machines.
Sebastian Herrmann, a member of Roth Plastic Technology’s Managing Board, emphasised: “We have settled into our new building very well over the past few months. The modern reception area and conference rooms with contemporary furnishings look extremely professional for customers and business partners. The ergonomic office equipment and layout that encourages short communication channels offer us effective ways of working.” The Managing Board, sales, controlling, tool management, development and construction and project management departments are located on this complex. Additional parking spaces for employees and visitors have also been made. The entrance, conference rooms and visitor toilets have all been designed with accessibility in mind and can be used by people in wheelchairs.

Dynamic development
Last year, Roth Plastic Technology once again reported a sales increase of over 10 per cent year-on-year. The Wolfgruben site has a headcount of around 175 staff. Dr Anne-Kathrin Roth, Managing Director of Roth Industries, commented: “Our high level of expertise in plastics processing is a result of our decade-long experience and growing know-how. Innovative methods of processing plastic and excellent product quality are key for loyal customer partnerships and they also lend themselves well to positive developments in the future.”
Working as a full service supplier, Roth uses injection moulding processes at Wolfgruben to produce plastic components and supplies well-known customers, including in the automotive and home appliance sectors. Roth Plastic Technology also provides companies within the Roth Group with plastic products for building services technology. The range of services offered by the company covers every stage of the production cycle, from developing components in collaboration with customers to manufacturing and finishing complex assemblies.

Showpiece for Roth product systems
The new service building is fitted according to the latest energy guidelines. To do so, the company takes full advantage of the synergies within its own organisation and incorporates system solutions for building services technology from Roth Werke’s range of products. From energy generation using air/water heat pumps and energy storage with the innovative plastic heat storage tank, Thermotank Quadroline, right through to floor heating and cooling systems and pipe installation systems for drinking water supply – we used all of our own products. The Roth cooling ceiling keeps employees cool in the summer. Roth’s Touchline radio control system provides individual room control. With its heating and cooling methods, the building’s technology offers maximum user comfort. The new building also represents a showpiece: display cabinets in the building’s structure showcase the use of Roth’s products which, for one thing, showcase the company’s expertise with regard to plastic. For example, it offers an insight into the underfloor heating system with five layers of plastic system pipes that Roth manufactures at its Buchenau site. You can also see the Tacker clips that hold the pipes together and the fittings – the plastic connecting elements made from polyphenylsulphone (PPSU) for the pipe systems. Roth Plastic Technology manufactures these products in Wolfgruben.
Roth Plastic Technology is the first Roth company to achieve environmentally neutral production as of 2017. The site compensates for unavoidable emissions through the Klima-Kollekte compensation fund, thus supporting sustainable climate-protection projects.


Sebastian Herrmann, a member of the Managing Board of Roth Plastic Technology, shows one of several groups of visitors around the manufacturer’s production and administration areas.
 After the tours of the Roth Plastic Technology production hall and service building, the afternoon was rounded off with some refreshments accompanied by glorious weather.