Roth Werke

Roth Werke

The Roth Werke GmbH in Dautphetal, Germany, is a company of the Roth Industries GmbH & Co. KG group and is represented worldwide. As system supplier Roth offers complete, installation friendly solutions for modern building and plastics technology, which correspond to highest quality requirements.

Roth eco-energy circle of energy and water
Based on our motto ´living full of energy´, Roth connects the products of the eco-energy technology. The technology comprises production, storage and distribution of energy and water to a complete system for the modern building technology. Products of the Roth eco-energy technology live up to the ecological and requirements in view of design, production and operation. The Roth eco-energy technology stands for "renewable energies and energy efficiency = protection of environment an resources, cost and supply guarantee."


Roth Energy and Sanitary Systems

> Solar Systems
> Heat pump systems

Storage systems for
> domestic and heating water
> combustibles and biofuels
> rainwater and waste water

> Radiant heating and cooling systems
> Pipe installation systems
> Shower systems

Roth Werke GmbH has a leading market position in Germany in the business fields of floor heating and cooling systems, container systems and complete showers.