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Roth Energylogic Touchline
– heating and cooling with comfort and efficiently

Energy savings
Extremely precise and intelligent control system, saving up to 20% in heating costs

Communication and environment

The control system can be operated directly with an iPhone App via WLAN at home or externally via the Internet. The system is designed to communicate with building control systems via an OPC server solution..

Comfort and convenience
Easy operation (easy to use and control)

Staying up-to-date
Always kept up to date, thanks to the update-possibility via the SD-card inside the control unit

Latest-generation control system with optimal use of energy and hydraulics - for perfect comfort at home

Extra visual appeal
A fresh new design with innovative sensor buttons

Cutting-edge comfort
Additional infrared surface temperature measurement helps generate a comfortable, well-balanced room temperature, as well as protecting floor coverings.

More than just a room thermostat

The Touchline radio control unit offers more than a standard room thermostat: every device offers unrestricted access to all the functions and settings of the overall system

Operational safety and environmental benefits

The option of a 230 V power connection guarantees a sustainable power supply - with no need for batteries

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