Industrial Solutions

Made-to-measure solutions for industry


Composite Technology

Made-to-measure solutions in machinery construction

The Composite Technology division bundles expertise in special
in special machine construction is bundled in the Composite Technology division. Here we plan, design
and manufacture aggregates, machines and entire production
production lines in the business areas of

  • Filament Winding & Prepreg
  • Coating & Pleading
  • Brushes & Brooms



Plastics Technology

Competence in plastics

In the Plastics Technology division, Roth supplies products for commercial and household applications. Consistent customer orientation, product know-how and market expertise are the foundations of our success. 

The focus is on the development, production and marketing of customer-specific plastic systems and the implementation of customer ideas in concrete product solutions.

We have great expertise in injection molding. Technical parts made from injection-molded plastics are used in building technology and the automotive industry, as well as in products for the home. In addition to injection molding, we can draw on plastics processing methods such as blow molding, rotational molding, vacuum molding, extrusion and winding technology as well as foaming technology within the group of companies.



Excellent solutions for fluid technology

The Hydraulics Technology division offers energy-efficient hydraulic accumulator solutions for technologies in which hydraulic energy is stored and recuperated. The fluid technology components are used in energy and power plant technology, mobile hydraulics, machine tools, and oil and gas technology.

As a full-range supplier, we provide a complete technology portfolio with piston, bladder and diaphragm accumulators as well as accumulator systems for a wide variety of applications. Decades of experience in the development and production of piston accumulators have made us a world market leader in this sector.