Our responsibility

to society

Social commitment

In line with our company's principles, we feel obliged to play an active and responsible role in society.

  • Our Roth atrium, bathed in light and with its balconies and excellent acoustics, is very important to the promotion of culture in the region. It is frequently a venue for concerts and art exhibitions, many of which are charity events.
    For example, the opening concerts for the national "Eckelshausener Musiktage", with top-class performers and orchestras, regularly take place in the Roth atrium.

  • Roth receives international attention for its fundraising campaign for the rebuilding of the Frauenkirche church in Dresden. Roth equipped the building with a complete Roth radiant heating and cooling system.

  • We support social organisations and institutions.
    For example, we get involved in helping "Lebenshilfe Hinterland" ("Hinterland support services") through donations and projects. In their workshop, physically and mentally disabled people finish and pack our pipe holders for our radiant heating and cooling systems, among other products. Since the introduction of the Roth Original Tacker System, more than a billion of these have been made.
    Roth also gets involved in society abroad as much as possible. For this reason, Roth received the "Fair Play Company" award in a competition organised by the Polish ministry of economics. This honour is awarded to companies who pursue ethical as well as commercial goals.

  • Roth supports regional associations.

  • One of Manfred Roth's personal aims is to support education and training in schools and businesses as well as business-oriented courses of study.
    As Honorary President of the IHK (Industrie und Handelskammer - Chamber of Commerce and Industry), the collaboration of businesses with schools, colleges and universities, and in particular with the Philipps University of Marburg, is very important to him.