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Building Solutions


Energy systems
Under the motto "Life full of energy", Roth networks its product systems from regenerative energy generation to efficient energy storage and energy use to create a complete system for modern building technology.

Sanitary systems
Complete showers from Roth have a long tradition. Roth was the first manufacturer to produce complete showers in 1967. The high quality level results from this long experience. Roth is one of the leading suppliers of complete showers in Europe.

Roth glass showers make bathroom dreams come true. They offer functionality and top quality with maximum comfort with clear lines, generosity and transparency. Depending on the architecture and design concept, the variety of Roth glass shower programs enables solutions for every bathroom.

Environmental systems
Roth Umwelttechnik develops innovative system solutions for water and wastewater treatment technology. The range of services includes tanks in sizes up to 6000 liters as well as prefabricated complete systems.



Industrial Solutions

The Industrial Solutions segment comprises the Composites, Pressure Accumulators and Plastics divisions.

The Composite Technology division (Roth Composite Machinery) bundles our expertise in the construction of special machinery. Here we plan, design and manufacture aggregates, machines and entire production lines.

In the Plastics Technology division (Roth Plastic Technology), Roth supplies products for commercial and household applications. Consistent customer orientation, product know-how and market competence are the basis for our success.

Roth storage systems (Roth Hydraulics) are designed according to a modular principle. Depending on the requirements, customized and economical solutions are created. The performance of Roth hydraulic accumulators can be called up at short notice. The durable and service-friendly accumulators guarantee maximum safety with minimum maintenance. 

Roth Industries takes advantage of the synergies within the group of companies and uses the machines in the Building Solutions division, among others.