Our corporate principles

familial - dynamic - responsible

Our corporate principles

In line with our vision "The Roth World composes technologies for solutions full of energy", the Roth Corporate Principles anchor our values and direction.
The Roth family business stands for responsible action and creating sustainable relationships.


  • Protecting and expanding our medium-sized family-owned company
  • Supporting employees and standing up for their legitimate interests
  • Thinking and acting as a team

We are and will remain a family-owned company. A familial atmosphere shapes our company culture. Direct contact with no reliance on hierarchies, quick decision-making processes, management consistency and long periods of employment are what set us apart. We tackle challenges as a team. Freedom to act independantly is a given and taking the initiative is encouraged. Each individual employee plays a key role in our family-owned company. 


  • Aligning our business activities with customer requirements
  • Leading our markets in terms of expertise with quality and innovation
  • Diversifiying products, markets and technologies to create synergies.

Our focus on customer requirements, our innovative expertise and balanced diversification make us a dynamic company. We quickly adapt to changing conditions, exploit the opportunities that come our way and make efficient use of our internal and external ressources. 


  • Manufacturing and designing products using methods that protect the enviroment and save resources
  • Doing business fairly and playing a responsible role in society
  • Allowing the companies and sectors to act independently and aim for success while considering the interests of the company as a whole
  • Generating reasonable returns to safeguard our company´s independence and accomplish our tasks

As a family-owned company, we place great value on sustainable and responsible business activities. We take responsibility for the processes in our companies, for our products, our employees, our business partners, the enviroment and society.