Our vision

powerful, inspiring, guiding and meaningful

Our company vision:

"The world of Roth is composing technologies for solutions full of energy"

The vision shows what we are striving for - it is powerful, inspiring, directional and meaningful. As an internationally operating family business, we are a provider of leading brand products in building and industrial technology that inspire our customers. The high standards of function and quality of our services are guided by sustainability and resource conservation. People are at the center of our business activities.

Value-based action - closeness to the people

All employees feel part of the large Roth family. They think and act in a correspondingly networked manner. The common values and the closeness of the Roth family to the employees create the foundation for the relationships with business partners, customers, users and other representatives from business, science, politics and society.

Composition of technologies - promotion of creative and design processes

Roth's performance is essentially based on product systems that are created by combining components, technologies and services. The assembling is a creative process, a composing of future-oriented solutions. The different expertise and backgrounds of the Roth companies and their employees are a construction kit with many treasures.

Innovative solutions - creative performance through team-oriented commitment

With enthusiasm and motivation, solutions are created that go beyond the mere product to include extensive services. The collaborative effort of employees and the involvement of external parties in the solution-finding process, especially the customers themselves, lead to creative work.



Energetic results - inspiration through enthusiasm

Basically, the creation of solutions should be done with energy and passion. The user benefits from diverse energetic services.