Our commitment

for the enviroment

In line with nature

Active environmental protection is anchored in our corporate principles. We attach importance to the conservation of resources in the development, manufacture and use of our products.

Responsibility towards our living space obliges us to ensure that we pursue environmental protection beyond the legal requirements. In this way, we help to reduce CO2 emissions to a considerable extent. With our own environmental statement and the establishment of an environmental management system in accordance with EMAS (ECOManagement and Audit Scheme), we are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance.

  • We are one of the first companies in Germany to be certified according to EMAS since 2010.
  • By using renewable energies, waste heat and purchasing green electricity at Roth locations in Germany, we have halved CO2 emissions since 2014.
  • Roth Plastic Technology in Wolfgruben has been the first Roth company to produce climate neutrally since 2017. We offset the unavoidable emissions by supporting sustainable climate protection projects.
  • Roth product concepts are designed to protect the environment from damage by using environmentally friendly materials - usually special plastics.
  • The use of carefully selected materials and the system technologies employed ensure the durability of our product ranges. They have proven themselves in decades of use.
  • Through innovative product solutions, we bring about manufacturing processes that require lower energy input with the same or even better efficiency.
  • By substituting conventional materials with plastic as the base material for our product systems, we make a significant contribution to improving the eco-balance.
  • The use of recyclable materials for the manufacture of our product systems is mandatory for development. Our commitment to conserving resources is underpinned by several awards.
  • The innovative product concepts of building and industrial technology help to save energy and protect the environment every day. For example, we achieve great energy savings through our pressure storage systems for capital goods but also through ecological energy generation with heat pump and solar and through efficient surface heating and cooling systems for energy use.
  • The use of electric mobility for regional business traffic underscores our commitment to environmental protection.