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Roth apprentices develop digital learning platform "ROOMS"

An editorial group of Roth apprentices and StudiumPlus students led by experienced trainers developed their own digital learning platform "ROOMS". The name stands for "Roth Online Master System" and is precisely tailored to the training concept of the family-owned company in Dautphetal.

The system includes a media library with individual learning tasks, links to technical literature, table books, drawings and tutorials. The editorial team has been programming practical and theoretical learning tasks since spring 2021. According to the principle of so-called peer education, which roughly means "education among equals", it includes trainees from the second and third year of training. Their contributions are particularly valuable as they know the current needs of ROOMS users very well from their own recent experience. The learning tasks are now a permanent part of the training programme and are available to those interested in learning. Hartmut Heck, Head of Central Training at Roth, explained: "In the first step, we focused on training content for conventional metalworking when setting up the learning platform. After several test runs, ROOMS is now being fully used by the first year of training for the first time. The offer has been so well received by the trainees that we are eager to expand it and use it in the future to address other occupational groups in addition to industrial and machining mechanics."


With a tablet at the machine

Many tasks in the learning platform lead the trainees directly into practice. Roth provides tablets for working with "ROOMS" in the central training. Individual lessons are linked to work on machines so that the prospective skilled workers can put what they learn via the tablet directly into practice and solve the associated tasks at the same time. "In this way, theory and practice are networked and only a fingertip away from each other. The tasks can also be called up from different end devices - this enables the trainees to learn mobile in the Roth network and serves the demands of the current generation of so-called digital natives. We are convinced that with ROOMS we have expanded our training concept in a future-oriented way," explains Hartmut Heck.
Positive reactions also come from the trainees - they appreciate the structured and problem-solving-oriented learning in the virtual space. Jakob Immel says: "I like ROOMS very much because it is easy to use and does not require paper. All learning content is available in one device." Michel Schneider also likes the space saving: "The learning platform also includes tasks with technical drawings, with all important information explained in an understandable way. In addition, you can plan all the work steps independently." To avoid confusion, the user accounts are personalised - Kilian Kraft thinks that's great. He also emphasises: "The system has many practical aids, such as an integrated calculator, so you can quickly calculate speeds. I also like the fact that drawings can be enlarged easily and that all work steps are clearly listed. All in all, learning with the help of the tablet is very varied, summarises Niklas Schmidt.


Learning progress is transparent for trainers

For the trainers, "ROOMS" scores points with its location-independent supervision and release option. All trainees can be assigned an appropriate task, adapted to their individual learning progress, so that a varied and supportive learning landscape is guaranteed for everyone. ROOMS enables a complete documentation of all open and completed tasks by the trainee, independent of time and place. The transparency of the digital documentation allows the trainers to comprehensively determine and support the learning and work progress. For the trainees, ROOMS is a smart promotion towards guided individual self-organised work and learning.
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