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Roth family business honours the jubilarians and retiree of the year 2023

"Every individual shapes the way we work together"

The jubilarians and new retirees of the Roth companies, who were honoured for their many years of commitment at a ceremony at the company headquarters in Buchenau, have a total of 1,202 years of service.


"Each and every one of you characterises the company with your own work," said Christin Roth-Jäger, Managing Director of Roth Werke and future CEO of Roth Industries, the parent company of all Roth companies. "For years and decades, you have made a contribution. In times when things are going well, but above all in times when we need a lot of stamina and strength together."

In a festive setting, 20 employees celebrating 50, 40 and 25 years at Roth were honoured. In total, the employees celebrating their anniversaries have been with the company for 660 years.

The 16 employees who have retired or will retire in 2023 have a total of 542 years of service.

"These are impressive figures that reflect our colleagues' strong commitment to the Roth companies," said Head of HR Michael Donges, who presented the honours. Prior to this, the mayors Jochen Achenbach (Biedenkopf), Marco Schmidtke (Dautphetal) and Lothar Koch (Burgwald) had presented certificates from the state of Hesse to those celebrating 40 and 50 years of service in their respective municipalities.

The company invited employees from the Buchenau, Wolfgruben, Eckelshausen, Niedereisenhausen, Burgwald, Datteln and Bischofswerda sites to its headquarters in Dautphetal-Buchenau for the central ceremony. Matthias Donges, who will retire after 38 years at Roth, including 22 years as Managing Director of Roth Industries, was honoured in particular.

Carmen Delgado and Michael Pohl from the "Roth Band" provided the perfect musical backdrop. And the next generation also got involved in the ceremony: trainees from Roth companies took over the service at the champagne reception, coffee and the concluding dinner.

The pensioners of the Roth companies in 2023:

Jürgen Borsutzky (Becker Plastics),

Uwe Koch, Birgit Pohn, Burkhold Landau, Jürgen Staubach (all Roth Composite Machinery), Maritta Henkel (Roth Hydraulics),

Dr Michael Schröder, Matthias Donges (both Roth Industries),

Friedhelm Müller (Roth Services),

Dieter Pitzer, Matthias Hoffmann, Frank Kassner, Günther Stauß, Matthias Roth, Ali Özdek, Volker Goldmann       (all Roth Werke).

The jubilarians of the Roth companies 2023:

Roth Composite Machinery:

Jürgen Staubach (50 years), Uwe Cronau (40 years), Horst Piston (40 years), Andreas Acker (25 years).

Roth Hydraulics:

Claudia Hast ( 40 years), Claus-Peter Pitzer (40 years)

Roth Plastic Technology:

 Wolfgang Burk (40 years), Sabina Joppich (40 years), Christian Semus (25 years), Andre Gessner (25 years).

Roth Services:

Matthias Breuer (25 years)

Roth Environmental Technology:

Mario Zimmermann (25 years), Sandra Schön (25 years)

Roth Werke:

Reiner Döhne (40 years), Rüdiger Heinz (40 years), Achim Vey (40 years), Jutta Speitel (25 years), Andreas Kupfer (25 years), Christian Dersch (25 years), Kathrin Kohl (25 years)