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Roth Industries shareholder family receives the badge of honour for 50 years of membership of Volksbank Mittelhessen

"If the trust is there, the rest will work too"

"Trust capital is the beginning of everything" - with this quote, Michael Müller, Chairman of Volksbank Mittelhessen, honoured the decades-long partnership with the Roth family and the companies of Roth Industries in the atrium of the Roth company in Buchenau.

To mark the 50th anniversary of Roth's membership of Volksbank Mittelhessen, he, Bernd Strieder and Christina Weber presented the Roth family of shareholders with a badge of honour and a certificate: "As a visible sign of thanks for your loyalty and faithfulness." 

The shareholder family returned the thanks: "As a company, we are firmly rooted in the region, just as you are as a regional credit institution," said Managing Partner Claus-Hinrich Roth, "as an internationally positioned group of companies, we naturally also work with international banks, but the common basis with the local institutions creates a very special form of trust and solidarity."