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Roth Hydraulics from Eckelshausen celebrates its 80th anniversary

„Challenges are best mastered together“

Roth Hydraulics from Eckelshausen celebrates its 80th anniversary

Roth Hydraulics from Eckelshausen celebrated its 80th anniversary with a pre-Christmas party for all employees and their partners. "The past has shown that every crisis always offers an opportunity," said Managing Director Frank Fuchs, "we have tackled challenges with courage and will continue to do so in the future."

The company's roots lie in the Ruhr region: during the Second World War, Bolenz & Schäfer in Dortmund, a manufacturer of clutches, decided to outsource part of its production to Eckelshausen. Production began there in a rented hall in 1943, and two years later an application was made to build the company's own premises. During the 1950s, the company entered the field of hydraulics, reported Managing Director Frank Fuchs in his brief journey through the company's history: "And in 1959, a trainee was welcomed who would play a decisive role in the company's fortunes 30 years later." The current Managing Director was alluding to Manfred Roth, who bought Bolenz & Schäfer - which had been taken over by a US company in the meantime - in 1989 and integrated it into the Roth Industries group of companies.

A prime example of efficiency

"So it's true that you always meet twice in life," smiled Frank Fuchs, who welcomed Manfred Roth and his wife Heike to the anniversary celebration, as well as the other members of the shareholder family and the current CEO of Roth Industries, Matthias Donges. In his welcoming address, he explained the fascination that emanates from the operating principle of the hydraulic accumulators: "Energy is continuously released and reabsorbed here without losses - a prime example of efficiency," emphasised Matthias Donges, who transferred this image to the cooperation within the company: "Where people work well together, great results are achieved - you in Eckelshausen prove this time and time again." The accumulator systems from Roth Hydraulics are not only used in large industrial applications, but also in amusement park rides, in theatre and musical productions or in offshore applications on the high seas.

Roth band offers musical congratulations

Together with his successor Christin Roth-Jäger and Dr Anne-Kathrin Roth, Matthias Donges presented a perpetual motion machine as an anniversary gift, which will stand as a symbol of continuous energy in Eckelshausen in the future, as well as an oak seedling that will provide shade in the company's outdoor area: "A Roth oak, of course."

They all thanked the employees of Roth Hydraulics for their great commitment, even in challenging times such as the coronavirus pandemic. "Challenges are best mastered together," emphasised Frank Fuchs, "we have proven that in the past, and we will continue to do so in the future."

The guest who had travelled the furthest also brought congratulations on the company's anniversary: Jian Wan, head of the Chinese branch of Roth Hydraulics in Taicang, came to the celebration, as did the "Roth Band", a group of musicians from all Roth companies. They entertained an enthusiastic audience with well-known hits from the history of rock and pop and offered to perform again: "We'd love to come to Taicang sometime," band leader Michael Pohl said to the Chinese guest with a wink.